Talking to your whānau

Quitting smoking is a lot easier with the support of whānau. Getting them on board in your quit journey can make a big difference in staying quit.

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Support from whānau

Have a kōrero and see if your whānau are ready to quit too. If they’re keen to quit, you can ask a Quit Coach to come and talk to you as a group. That way, you’ve all got the same info and can help each other.

Talk to whānau about how they can support you

If they don’t want to quit, talk about how they can help you with things like:

  • Agreeing some smokefree areas (like inside the home, on the deck, and in the car).
  • Not offering you cigarettes or leaving them lying around for you to be tempted.
  • Telling you how well you're doing and how proud they are.

Whānau can help by saying how well you're doing, and how proud they are!

Quitting together

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